Forewords Hyperimages and Hyperimaging

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Forewords Hyperimages and Hyperimaging

This collection of short essays sometimes dances around issues and takes an oblique approach to the subject of the hyperimage, nevertheless serving to augment our understanding of the idea. What is unique about this book is thirty five pieces of writing, now approaching one theme, which, due to the nature of the commissioning of the individual texts, all enter the subject from different points, with differing influences and different spatial/temporal considerations.

Not only has the accumulation of the texts taken place over time, traversing projects, artists and locations; it has also occurred in tandem with technological developments which have served to shape much of our activity, both quotidian and also professionally as cultural producers.

 15,00  12,75

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Anno 2018
Formato 16,8 x 24
Pagine 80
Copertina brossura
Lingua Inglese

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